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Voy a brindarte una guia completa para perder peso y obtener una forma de vida saludable. I’ll give you the complete guide to quickly burn body fat and get a healthy lifestyle with:

Siempre fallAS en TU busqueda de perder peso y tonificar.? NO ES TU CULPA -
Failed to lose weight in the past? don't worry - it's not your fault

Two people doing abs.

Perder peso no es facil, el secreto son los habitos saludables.

Losing weight is not easy. The secret lies on good food habits and consistent sport practice.

No hay recetas milagrosas ni dietas magicas. Cambiar tu estilo de vida es clave. para eso esta este tremendo curso.

Has anyone given you a “miracle” recipe to change your body?, that doesn’t exist. Work hard on this course and change your life.

Te voy a decir las claves en la alimentacion necesarias para llevar un cambio total en tu vida.

I’ll tell you the secrets about the food you should eat to have a healthy lifestyle.

Clases unicas con el mejor workout de boxeo para perder hasta mil calorias, sin aburrirte.

You will get the best body workout to tone up but not get bored.

Te voy a brindar una guia de nutricion y alimentos necesarios, sumados a clases de 25 minutos para cambiar tu fisico.

What if you were given a fully-customized diet and exercise plan that allows you to eat your favorite foods, plus spend just 20 min. In the gym?

Cuando era boxeador profesional, tenia que tener una forma fisica excelente, con energia . Lo hacia gracias a mi propio metodo que voy a brindarte.

When I was a professional boxer and kick boxer, I needed to come to the fight with a certain weight but also in an extremely energetic shape. I’ll tell you my own secrets.

Como puedo llevarlo adelante con clases de 20 minutos y sin cortar carbos? VAS A VER TODOS LOS TRUCOS. How can you possibly avoid cardio, get in and out fof the gym in half an hour, and eat carbs (plus any food you actually enjoy)?

ESTA guia, de TRES CONSEJOS que usamos todos los boxeadores profesionales te permitiran llegar a tu mejor version. The trick lies on applying these three secrets (used by professional boxers to get into killer shape for their fights) to a diet and exercise plan that will be 100% customized to your body and your goals.

Secret 1:

60% es la dieta, Te vamos a guiar en como, cuando y cuanto comer para quemar calorias.

60% of your results are directly tied to your diet. I’ll teach you how, when, and how much to eat for your body to burn more calories after each meal.

Secret 2:

Sin el mejor workout es imposible. 25 minutos en clases exclusivas. 1000 calorias por sesion.

The importance of regular workout.

I’ll give you the best boxing workout to lose a lot of calories.

Secret 3:

if the above is met, we will see the results.


Entramiento, mi guia y la alimentacion correcta, van a llevarte a estos cambios. MIRA LOS RESULTADOS.

When you apply the 3-Secrets you have learnt today, and combine them with a customized diet plus a training program that matches your body type, you’re guaranteed to make fast, easy progress… even if you’ve failed in the past.

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Woman - Before
Woman - After

I feel great. I’m my best version”

Florencia Will, 44 years old, Miami

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Man -After
So I’m starting to incorporate more boxing workout
I’ve had such good results.”

Juan Manuel Serratiti, 30 years old, Spain

Woman - Before
Woman - After

“Wow, I change mi life!.. I feel great. I think I look great. I have
personal confidence.”

Diana Maggier, 30 years old, Bogotá, Colombia